Unusual Food Gifts

Unusual gifts made from unusual food. With such unusual flavors, we can make our gourmet food taste exactly how you want it to taste. Unusual Food Gifts creates a themed basket every month inspired by our favorite things…food and entertainment!

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LATEST & GREATEST CUPCAKES: Absolutely loved this! I got it as a gift and they were so cute and literally able to pop into your mouth! The variety of flavors was my favorite part!They came exactly when they said they would in a perfectly wrapped box. I will be using again for gifts from afar!

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Italian Antipasti Basket Gift Set: Give those Italian flavors you love a place at the party. We’ve packed them all up in a souvenir-style basket, and topped it with our signature Crostata Buttery Spread.

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TRUFF Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce($$72): We love to eat. We love to travel. We trust our fellow Truff heads to point us toward the finest of everything. So we came up with something that combines those three elements in a way no one's ever done before: Truff is a hot sauce infused with real, edible black summer truffles. That might sound too good to be true,

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLECTION($68): We'd argue no, no it isn't. Make all your loved ones dreams come true with the best darn ice cream on the planet. The collection includes five ice creams, vibrant sprinkles, and birthday candles. Let the party begin!

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