Gifts for Beer Lovers

From hazy IPAs to porters and sours, these are the best gifts for beer lovers.

Gifts for Beer Lovers
Gifts for Beer Lovers

From hazy IPAs to porters and sours, these are the best gifts for beer lovers.

64oz Growler

The MiiR Growler brings the party to the people. Holding four pints of liquid delight, it stores and pours any temperature of beverage like a boss with an extra assist from its built-in handle (and intuitive hinge on the lid that locks in place when open). An insulation celebration, indeed.

Buy at MiiR - $60

Beer Club Gift Card

Give the gift of the best beer - delivered to their door! Our pinnacle membership features top rated beers and unique taproom releases.

Buy at Beer Drop - $75

Gas Growler Deluxe

Last time you went camping, chances are a green canister of propane was part of the setup. Undeniably useful for camp stove cooking, those one-pounders come with one major drawback—they’re single use, which means 48 million of them head to the landfill each year. Ignik solves that problem in the most elegant way we’ve seen, with an easy-carry, easy-use growler that's completely refillable.

Buy at Huckberry - $150

IPA Gift Box Set

Some go down as smooth as pressed juice while others hit you on the head with classic West Coast bitter. The possibilities are endless and we bring you the top tier of all of them

Buy at Tavour - $99

Rabbit Freezable Beer Glasses

No matter where you're drinking – from sunny backyard barbeques to indoor football screenings – our freezable beer glasses keep your favorite brew perfectly chilled. The double-wall design holds a food-safe, freezable liquid; just place the glasses in the freezer for at least an hour before pouring drinks.

Buy at Williams Sonoma - $40

Hopsulator Trio 

This 3-in-1 can-cooler holds 16oz, includes a freezable adapter for 12oz cans and converts into a 100% leakproof pint tumbler.

Buy at Brumate - $30

Westmark Germany Hermetus Steel

Our Hermetus is an efficient one of a kind tool that will pop open a bottle cap, reseal a bottle to preserve carbonation and assist you in opening a twist off cap.

Buy at Amazon - $13